Northern Lights in Russia

Chasing the Northern Lights in Russia.

In Russia, the Northern Lights can be observed in many northern regions, but not all of them have good transport accessibility.

Probably the best place to hunt for the Northern Lights is the Kola Peninsula. Murmansk, the largest city in the world beyond the Polar Circle, is easily accessible by plane or train from Moscow or St. Petersburg. In order to hunt for the Northern Lights, you can go on an evening out-of-town excursion lasting about 3-4 hours. Some travelers choose accommodation in hotels, guest houses and camp sites not far from Murmansk, as well as in the Lovozero district and in the city of Kirovsk. During the daytime, one can visit museums, do dog and reindeer sledding, snowmobiling and skiing in the area.

If the weather permits, the Northern Lights can be also observed in the Republic of Karelia, in the north of the Arkhangelsk region, and in the area of the Yamal Peninsula.

The Northern Lights season begins in late August and it lasts till early April.

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