River Rafting in Russia

Several regions in Russia offer great rafting opportunities.

River rafting in Russia

The most popular destinations for rafting in Russia are Altai region and Karelia.

The rivers Katun and Chuya in Altai run in mountains and have plenty of difficult rapids of grades 4 and 5 (difficult).

Karelia has rafting opportunities for both beginners and advanced participants. We are offering rafting tours on the Shuya River close to Petrozavodsk in the south of Karelia. Standard program includes 2 hours of rafting with rapids of grades 1 and 2 (easy). Longer 2-3-day and even 7-day long itineraries are available. Located in the wilderness of the northern part of Karelia, the rivers of Chirko-Kem, Okhta and Keret are more difficult. White water rafting trips there take 7-10 days.