English to Russian Translation Service

Our English to Russian Translation Services

We at Nordic Travel have been working with international leisure and business travellers to Russia since 2001. Most of our clients require interpretation and translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English. We established contacts with various language experts, from tour guides to simultaneous interpreters and technical translators. They are native Russian linguists with years of experience. Therefore, we are able to offer professional English to Russian and Russian to English translation and interpretation services.

General Translation

General translation refers to the translation of non-specialized texts that have little or no specific terms. We translate letters, travel brochures, blogs, job applications, restaurant menus, etc.

Specialized Translation

This kind of translation requires specific industry knowledge. Specialized documents are technical manuals and specifications, academic articles, legal documents, financial reports, contracts and many more.

On-site Interpretation

We have interpreters for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation to work at a conference, business meeting or any other event in Northwest Russia, including the cities of St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk, Pskov and Veliky Novgorod.

Remote Interpretation

Our interpreters work at web conferences, webinars and other online events.

Russian language proofreading

We will ensure your Russian text is lexically and grammatically correct and check if it stylistically meets the requirements of your project.


Translators and interpreters we work with have experience in different industries. Examples of recently completed projects:

  • Translation of COVID-19 Return to Work Assessment (Russian to English)

  • Translation of the academic article on Russian Old Believers Christian movement (Russian to English)

  • Translation of the academic article on Russian Church Folklore (Ru->En)

  • Online simultaneous interpreting (via Zoom) at conferences, workshops and meetings within the following topics - Arctic logistics, fishery, aquaculture, mining industry, social matters and health-related issues (En<->Ru)

  • A medical assessment report for medical tourism (health examination and treatment) (Ru->En)

  • An Android sports app localization (Ru->En)

  • A review of the recent legal developments in Russian environmental law (Ru->En)

  • Correspondence and application forms for the participation of a foreign dance band in an international music and dance festival in Russia (Ru<->En)

  • A resume for the chief accountant position (Ru->En)

Example of Pricing

Translation of a standard page (1,800 characters with spaces) of a general text - 2500 Russian Rubles (about 30 Euros/35 USD/25 GBP).


Please, feel free to contact us for a quote by e-mail info@nordictravel.ru


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