We went to Moscow and St. Petersburg in Spring 1990. We were amazed at how much these cities have changed. We enjoyed our holiday very much, especially petroglyphs!!  We could not have done it without you. Thank you for everything!!!

Minako, Japan

I had a very nice time in Karelia, spending two very pleasant nights in the little village of Kinerma. The guesthouse is very cosy and Nadezhda, the owner, and her family are very kind and able to create an authentic karelian atmosphere. My compliments go as well to the organization of the tour, very professional and reliable.

Francesco, Italy

Dear Konstantin,
Back already into the "sunny" Barcelona, I want to thank you very, very much, for all the asistance that you provide us during our recent trip into Russia.
All of us, were fully satisfied with your organization, with all your correspondants during the trip, and for the perfect handling of all the details! you are a great profesional!
When, at the end of the summer, I return back to the meetings with friends, magazines and clubs on the tourist area, centainly I recommend your company as one of the best for organizing "tailored" trips into Russia.
It was a pleasure to can meet you personally at the Karelia Hotel, and I hope that we will be in contact in the next future, with the requirement of new and interesting places into your country.
Please send also our congratulations to all your people and staff! they have been excellent!
If in the future, you also can need any information or if you hace any requirement from us, please do not heasitate to contact me again!
Best regards, and a very good business too!

Juan, in Barcelona

We wish to congratulate you for the wonderful visit to your country. Believe us when we say that you could teach many tour operators in France and abroad! Michel keeps saying that you know how to select your collaborators... The journey was so smooth (except for the roads) and trouble-free all along. Hotel Rossi was a very good choice as it is very comfortable and close to Nevsky Prospekt. We particularly appreciated to see Alexander I waiting for us at the door of our car in Saint Petersburg railway station. Thank you again.

Monique (France)

We arrived safely back to Moscow on Saturday. I just wanted to thank
you for your help in organizing our Northern Adventure. It was lovely.

Susan (USA)

We had a wonderful time. Unforgettable. I want to thank you and the people with whom you work, who made it so special. Jan, Mikhail... And of course the Nenets who shared their lives with us.
I will never forget this experience as long as I live!
P.s. I will tell anyone interested to contact you for the tour!

Katherine (Italy)
Tour to Naryan-Mar. Nenets and Northern Lights

Thanks for a great experience. The tour of Karelia was everything we expected and more.The tour went like clockwork. Our guide Alyssa was knowledgeable, patient and quick to lend a helping hand when needed. The drivers were professional and the vans we traveled in were clean and comfortable. We have no complaints about our hotel rooms. What an experience to visit an area of Russia few Americans have ever seen! We wouldn't hesitate to book another Nordic Travel tour.

Judy (Albuquerque, the USA)

Regarding the sites, the highlights for us were the visit to Kinerma (we have been involved in raising money to restore a traditional barn in our own small village (only 12 houses) so we could empathise with their efforts and problems), and of course the Solovetsky Islands.

Katherine (UK)

Dear Sir,
I want to thank you for the excellent planning of our trip. There was not the slightest mistake.
My son and I got marvellous impressions of russia, with would not be possible without the help
of your bureau and Tatjana.
I will recommend your office.
Yours sincerely,

Cornelius, Germany

I just wanted to follow up with you guys regarding the Tour in Novgorod and Vyborg this winter.  Me and my girlfriend loved Alexander and thought the tours were great.  We had a great time at both locations and thought that they were put together in a great way.  We would recommend Nordic and Alexander to anyone traveling in that part of the world.  


Andrew (USA)

...YAMAL is a smashing ship--powerful, comfortable, and sea worthy. The Captain and his crew,
too, were very determined, careful, and considerate.  We hit a wall of ice unbelievably thick
and attacked it 6 times to cut a path to the North Pole.  I loved this action plus the sound
of the ship's bow breaking the sea ice to open a path for progress.  When we stopped to
observe the polar bears, there was utter silence--a time when you know how awesome the
earth is at that latitude.  I felt like I was at the top of the world!  I especially enjoyed
the tour of the operation of the nuclear powered engine, room;  meeting the Captain on a
small group basis and having champagne or wine (the ship's photographer Gordon, from the
States,  will send me a photo of this occasion as well as us dancing in a circle at the North
Pole).  I SPOTTED 10 POLAR BEARS; one of which came right to the ship's bow so I think I
have a fairly good photo of him even though I am not a photographer.

Kitty, the USA
Icebreaker Expedition to the North Pole

The guides spoke good English and we could understand what they were saying. They also showed us what we could do during our free time around the town.
I would like to add that Marina and Dmitry were very helpful and hospitable during our Golden Ring and Moscow tour.

Kai Lin, Malaysia
Bespoke Russia tour: Golden Ring and Moscow