Immerse yourself in centuries of culture and history, iconic landmarks and picturesque towns, cities and countryside on a tour through Russia. From monasteries, cathedrals, beautiful parks, nature reserves, steam trains and timeless legends and traditions, there is a lot to delight in on a tour of Russia.

Use the Tourist Destination filter to view tours operated in a particular region of Russia. Note, that some tours cover two and more regions. Our Activity filter may help to find a certain experience such as dog sledding or northern lights. Select a “group tour” if you want to travel in a group and share the costs and a “private tour” if you prefer travelling across Russia with a private transport and guide. See our Bespoke option in the list of the tours for a fully customized Russia experience.

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Day Tour to Kizhi in Winter Season

Visit Kizhi Island in autumn, winter & spring

  • Travel from Petrozavodsk by car and/or hovercraft
  • See historical churches and chapels
  • Explore the typical 19th Century Russian log house
  • Experience rural tranquility, silence and clean air
6-14 hours

From 7000 Rubles/person

Day Tour to Kizhi in Summer Season

Easy trip to Kizhi from May till October

  • Travel to Kizhi Island by hydrofoil
  • Explore the historical wooden churches
  • Enjoy nature and landscapes
  • Roundtrip boat fare and walking tour on the Island are included
Approx. 9 hours

Price: not yet available.

Dog Sled Safari in Karelia

Winter dog sledding experience in Russian Karelia

  • Kennel visit to meet the dogs
  • Dog sled wilderness adventure
  • Suitable for beginners
About 4 hours

Group of 2: 7900 Rubles/person

Discover Karelia Tour

A tour package to Russian Karelia designed to visit historic sights and enjoy the scenic landscapes

  • Kizhi Island
  • Ruskeala Park
  • Traditional Karelian villag
  • Available from May to October
2 days / 1 night

Price: from 19800 Rubles/person

Grand Northern Russia Tour

A balanced northern Russia tour rich in historical insights, cultural and natural experiences.

  • 3 UNESCO sites: Kizhi, Petroglyphs & Solovetsky
  • Valaam Monastery
  • Ruskeala Mountain Park
  • The White Sea–Baltic Canal
  • Summer small group tour
7 days / 6 nights

From 1190 Euro/person

Winter Adventure Tour to Russian Karelia

During this winter break, you will participate in several outdoor and indoor activities such as:

  • Driving a dog sled team
  • Meeting reindeers and furry horses
  • Driving a snowmobile
  • Cooking traditional food
2 days / 1 night

Group of 2: 28000 Rubles/person

Day Trip to Petroglyphs and the White Sea-Baltic Canal

Discover archeological, historical and nature heritage of northern Russia

  • Start in Petrozavodsk & travel to Belomorsk at the White Sea
  • See the Stalin’s White Sea-Baltic Canal
  • Visit UNESCO world heritage site of the White Sea Petroglyphs
  • Private transport and guide
Approx. 14 hours

Group of 2: 15800 Rubles/person

Snowmobile Safari to Kizhi

Winter adventure in Russian Karelia

  • Drive to Kizhi Island in Lake Onega
  • Visit UNESCO’s Kizhi Pogost
  • See remote villages and chapels
  • Equipment and meals included
2 days / 1 night

From 56000 Rubles/person

Tsarskoe Selo Tour

Discover the Residence of the Russian Royal Family

  • Private guided tour to Tsarskoe Selo (Tzar’s Village)
  • Explore Catherine Palace and famous Amber room
  • Standard tour or in-depth discovery of palaces and parks
Approx. 5 hours

Group of 2: from 6100 Rubles/person

Hermitage Museum Tour

Visit one of Russia’s most famous museums

  • See the masterpieces of Italian, French, Dutch and Spanish artists
  • Discover prehistoric art and ancient artefacts
  • Explore state rooms of the imperial Winter Palace
  • Private tour with a guide
Approx. 3 hours

Group of 2: from 3800 Rubles/person

Veliky Novgorod Tour from St.Petersburg

Discover historical attractions of Veliky Novgorod

  • Private trip from St. Petersburg
  • Visit Novgorod Kremlin and the Cathedral of St. Sophia
  • Explore Yaroslav’s Court with its medieval churches
  • Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel
Approx. 12 hours

Group of 2: 11500 Rubles/person

Full Day St. Petersburg Sightseeing Tour

The private tour covers most famous sights of the city center.

  • Enjoy St. Petersburg’s best views with a panoramic tour of the city
  • See inside the Church of Savior on Blood
  • Discover the Peter & Paul Fortress
  • Visit the Hermitage Museum
Approx. 8 hours

Group of 2: 11000 Rubles/person

If you have not found what you are looking for you can always request a tailor made itinerary for your travel in Russia.