Recreational fishing in Russia. Fishing regions, species and technics.

There are several areas in Russia, which are particularly good for recreational fishing.

The most know is probably the Kola Peninsula with its salmon rivers. From May to August anglers from all over the world, come to the rivers of Umba, Varzuga, Ponoi, Titovka etc. to try their luck in fly-fishing for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Fishing holidays in the Kola Peninsula are not cheap but the catch is almost guaranteed.

Another well-known fishing area is the Volga River delta. The Volga delta still has plenty of fish though it cannot be compared with the abundance of sturgeon, beluga, pike and pike-perch(судак) 100-150 years ago. There are many fishing lodges providing accommodation, boats and fishing guides.

The northern Russian region of Karelia does not have much salmon (though still has some). Typical fish species in Karelia include pike, perch, grayling (хариус), vendace (сиг), bream (лещ) and trout (форель). In the White Sea – cod (треска), European flounder (камбала), catfish (зубатка)and herring.Fishing holidays in Karelia may include trolling, angling and ice fishing.

Thelatter is a popular winter activity. As it is easy and exciting, we include ice fishing in our winter adventure tours.