The Kola Peninsula attracts visitors from all over the world looking for a chance to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) but it offers other fascinating activities as well. Choose from our selection of tours and Murmansk excursions and enjoy beautiful landscapes and historical sights of the Kola Peninsula.

Take part in husky dog sledding and reindeer sledding, snowmobiling and meeting with Saami people. Travel to Teriberka village on the Arctic Ocean’s coast. Taste local delicacies – king crab, scallop, sea urchin roe, salmon, halibut, reindeer and cloudberries.

Explore the city of Murmansk with its museums - Lenin Icebreaker, museum of the Northern Fleet and Local History museum. Learn about the World War I operations in the Arctic, Allies intervention of 1918-1920 and Arctic Convoys of the World War II.

Murmansk Tours & Trips

Our tours in Murmanskaya Oblast' include the capital city of Murmansk, Lovozero region - land of Saami people, reindeer sledding, dog sledding and observation of the Northern Lights.