Non-alcoholic drinks

While the western brands are widely represented on the market of the country, there are some traditional non-alcoholic Russian drinks.

The most famous is kvass which is made of bread. It has got a unique and inexpressible taste. You can find kvass at almost any grocery store in bottles.

The second type of drinks which is enjoyed by Russians is mors. It is a drink made of different berries, most often cranberry and red bilberry. It is available at food stores and some people like to make it at home on own.

Russians are great fans of tea. However, most people drink ordinary tea and it is not easy to find fresh first flush Darjeeling tea or expensive Chinese teas while in Russia.

Several mineral water brands are particularly popular in Russia.

Narzan mineral water from the town of Kislovodsk in the Northern Caucuses.

Yessentuki mineral water from the town of Yessentuki in the Northern Caucuses.

Borjomi mineral water from Georgia.

Alcoholic drinks

There is quite a variety of alcoholic drinks in Russia.

The most famous one is Russian vodka.

The ideal ratio of vodka, which is 40%, is believed to be discovered by one the greatest chemists of Russia Dmitry Mendeleyev. In the shops one can find various vodka brands. Most of them are of Russian origin.

Beer (“pivo” in Russian) is quite popular in Russia. Besides of big international breweries there are many small companies producing craft beer.

Wine consumption in Russia is growing. Biggest wine grape growing areas in Russia are Krasnodar region, Rostov region and the Crimea.

It is important to remember that according to the law of Russia alcoholic drinks are not sold at shops after 09 - 11 p. m. (depending on region).