Marcial Waters – old church of Apostle Peter and healing water springs in Karelia.

In 1719, by decree of Peter the Great, the first Russian resort "Marcial Waters" was founded on the territory of present Karelia. It is located next to the healing springs, which were discovered in 1714 by the peasant Ivan Reboev. Studies by doctors of that era showed that water contains iron and other minerals, which have a great effect on the human body struggling with various diseases. Water was called “marcial”, based on Latin “martialis”(referring to Mars, the god of war and iron).

At the resort the palaces were built for the Emperor, his family and associates, as well as a hotel for visitors. In 1722 a church was opened, which was consecrated in the name of the Apostle Peter.
Peter the First visited the resort four times - in 1719, 1720, 1722 and 1724.

After the death of the Emperor in 1725, the health resort was abandoned. Many buildings deteriorated, and soon a village appeared in this place, which was called "Palaces".

The rebirth of the resort took place in 1964, when a new sanatorium was opened. It was called - Marcial Waters. The sanatorium is active nowadays. In addition to the treatment with chalybeate waters, it is common to use therapeutic Gabozero muds.

Water springs create four wells, each of which contains water of a certain physicochemical composition. You can try it for free.

Near the sources of marcial waters, in the house of the Mining Department (1830) there is a small museum dedicated to the history of the resort. It was opened in 1948. The museum collection includes items from the royal palaces of the resort, as well as items from the Olonetsky Petrovsky Plants.

Church of St. Peter built in 1721 is one of the oldest churches in Karelia. There is a theory that the author of the drawings (icons), as well as of the blueprints of this church was Peter I. The chairs, candlesticks and a carved eight-pointed altar cross, made in a workshop at the palace in Marcial Waters, were preserved. According to some reports, they were created by Peter I. The objects of the Peter’s era include the iconostasis and two cast-iron stoves (1721) cast at the Olonetsky Petrovsky Plant (in present-day Petrozavodsk).

The church is constructed in the architectural style of Peter's Baroque, and differs from the typical wooden churches of the north of Russia.

The church was restored several times with the last restoration finished in 2019. It belongs to the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia. The services are held once a year, on January 29, on the day of the Veneration of the Precious Chains of the Apostle Peter.

Working hours of the museum (subject to change):

From Tuesday till Sunday 10:00-17:00. Closed – Monday.

Getting here

The Marcial Waters village is located 54 km north from the center of Petrozavodsk. It can be reached by road. There is a regular bus and a bus from the Marcial Waters sanatorium.