Malye Korely is an open-air museum of wooden architecture and folk art, which represents traditional lifestyle of northern Russian villages.

Malye Korely is a museum of wooden architecture and folk art of Russian northern regions. It is located near Arkhangelsk on the right bank of the Northern Dvina river. The whole area of the Museum is 138,9 hectares.

Malye Korely Museum was founded in 1964. The first object which was moved to the museum was a mill from the village of Bor. Later, in 1973 it was opened for visitors. The Museum reconstructs the whole picture of life in northern Russian villages. The Museum has been included into the Association of open museums of Europe.

Today Malye Korely has got different types of buildings, which were traditional for this region. All in all there are 100 civil, public and church buildings in the Museum. Some of them date back to the 16th century. For example, the Church of Ascension and St. George's Church. The Museum is divided into several theme sections.

Sometimes the Museum is called Malye Karely but it is not correct. "Malye Karely" is the name of the hotel located nearby.