Kenozersky National Park is known for the beautiful and untouched nature, traditional villages and historical churches.

The National Park "Kenozersky" was established in December of 1991. The Park is situated in the southwest of Arkhangelsk region near the border with the Republic of Karelia. This is a natural, historical and cultural territory with the total area of 139,6 thousand hectares. The Park has got preserved natural complexes and objects, material and sacred monuments. The Park contains more than 100 architectural monuments as this territory is considered to be among the first areas which were inhabitied by the Novgorod people. Besides different villages, which appeared on the waterways, there were 3 orthodox monateries on the territory of the park. Today there are 11 churches and bell-towers in differnts parts of the Park.

The Park is divided in to two parts: Kargopolsky and Plesetsky. Today there are several ecological routes for tourists including walking tours as well as tours by rowing boats. During these trips the guests of the Park may observe beautiful nature, hear the songs of the birds, and sometimes see or hear a brown bear. There are a lot of possibilities for accommodation in the Park both in traditional wooden guest houses and in the guest center of the Park and in different lodges.

Flora and fauna
Most of the area is covered by mixed forests which formed thousand of years. They cover about 106 thousand hectares. More than 50 species of mammals inhabit the territory of the park including typical taiga animals: Bear, Elk, Hare, Squirrel, Chipmunk, Wolf, Otter and others. 263 bird species can be observed on the territory of the park, that's why it is included into the catalogue "Important Ornithological Territories of the European part of Russia". There are rare birds such as White-tailed Eagle, Fish-Hawk, Crane, Quail, Eagle-Owl, Dipper and others. The territory of the park has got a well-developed water system which consists of more than 300 lakes, rivers and small streams, which are rich in fish and contain 27 different species. One of the rare fish species is white salmon which comes to the Kena and Lekshma rivers for spawning.