Verkhnie Mandrogi is a reconstructed Russian village.

The tourist complex in Verkhnie Mandrogi village was established in 1996 as a green stop for cruise passengers on their river trips between St. Petersburg and Moscow. It is located on the shore of the Svir River, which connects Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega.

Mandrogi village consists of several Russian izbas (log houses), a couple of museums, a hotel, a restaurant and some recreational facilities, such as a mini-zoo. The nature is nice around, the Svir River has lots of fish, and forests are inhabited with many bird and animal species.

Most day-trippers visit Mandrogi in summer, when their river cruisers moor the village pier and allow passengers going ashore for a bit of rural experience. The village has a good restaurant with traditional Russian food. Outdoor picnics are served in good weather.

Those who want to stay a night or two arrive by car. The distance to St. Petersburg is 270 km and driving takes about 4 hours. Accommodation is arranged in a hotel and izbas.

Tourist activities in Mandrogi Village

While in the village, one can:

  • Ride a horse,

  • Practice archery,

  • Fish trout in a fish-well and carp in carp-ponds,

  • Visit a moose farm, the only one in the Russian Northwest,

  • Visit a mini-zoo with bears, quail farm, geese, pheasants etc.,

  • Visit vodka museum and taste various brands of vodka,

  • Visit bread museum,

  • Look at the work of craftsmen: pottery, blacksmith's work, dressmaking etc.,

  • Go on hunting and fishing,

  • Buy souvenirs, traditional Russian clothes, paintings etc.