This beautiful area is situated in the central and north-eastern part of the Kola Peninsula.

In Lovozero region one can learn about history and traditions of Saami native people, ride on reindeer and dog sleds and taste traditional dishes.

Lovozero region is situated in tundra and forest-tundra area. Lovozero region is a place of compact residence of one of aboriginal nationalities of the North – Saami (Lapps). By now Saami practically don’t conduct their traditional way of life and do not migrate with their reindeers in tundra. Nevertheless, in the region one can familiarize with some their traditions, cuisine and culture.

Levozero village is the administrative center of the region. The distance from Murmansk to the village is 160 km. Lovozero has Museum of history, culture and mode of life of Kola Saami. The exhibition includes models of traditional dwellings, national clothes and footwear, weapons and work tools, household utensils of Saami. Among the most important items there are rocks with petroglyphs - ancient rock carvings. They were found at the Ponoi River and have estimated age of 3000 years.


Lovozero village, Sovietskaya Street, 28.

Museum is opened: from Tuesday till Friday: 9.00 – 17.00, Saturday: 9.00 – 16.00. Days-off: Sunday, Monday.

In Lovozero area there are several tourist centres where one can ride on reindeer sleds, snowmobiles and also taste traditional dishes. In one of the tourist centres dogsled riding is offered.

Near Lovozero village Seidozero Lake is situated. On the lake shore there is Kuiva rock – sacred place for Saami. Human-like figure of 74 meters’ height can be observed there. Kuiva is a legendary Saami giant. Seidozero Lake and Kuiva rock are popular tourist attractions.