St. Petersburg Virtual Tour I


Approx. 1 hour

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St. Petersburg Tours

A live stream tour from the streets of St. Petersburg. Part I, “From the Winter Palace to St. Isaac Cathedral”

  • Main attractions of the Palace Square
  • Peter the Great, Tzar of Russia
  • St. Isaac Cathedral
  • Nabokov’s house and other historical buildings
St. Petersburg Virtual Tour I
Our professional guide will deliver this tour from the streets of St. Petersburg via zoom conference software. The tour lasts approx. 60 minutes; you can contact the guide during or after the tour.
This tour starts on the Palace Square in the heart of St. Petersburg. Exact itinerary depends on local conditions. Generally, we see:
- The Winter Palace, the story of the Hermitage Museum,
- The Neva River, Rostral columns,
- Peter the Great the Carpenter Monument, the story of Grand Embassy to the Netherlands and England in 1697-98,
- The Bronze Horseman monument on the Decembrists Square; the story of the Decembrists revolt of 1825,
- House of Vladimir Nabokov, a famous Russian-American novelist,
- Historical Ensemble of St. Isaac Square with buildings of St. Isaac Cathedral, Astoria and Angleterre hotels,
- Finish at the Blue Bridge by Mariinsky Palace.

*You will need a good internet connection to experience this tour.

**In case the weather is too bad for delivering the tour we would have to find an alternative date.

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