Day Tour to Kizhi in summer season

Easy trip to Kizhi from May till October

  • Travel to Kizhi Island by hydrofoil
  • Explore the historical wooden churches
  • Enjoy nature and landscapes
  • Roundtrip boat fare and walking tour on the Island are included
Approx. 9 hours
Discover Karelia

Explore historical sites and nature attractions of Karelia

  • Kizhi Island
  • The marble canyon and mountain park Ruskeala
  • Historical Kinerma village
  • Kivach Waterfalls and Nature Reserve
3 days / 2 nights
Grand Karelia Tour: St. Petersburg - Solovetsky

Discover the most interesting sights of North-European Russia

  • Valaam, Kizhi and Solovetsky Islands
  • Monasteries and museums
  • Historic wooden architecture
  • Natural sites and Gulag objects
  • Departures in summer
8 days / 7 nights
Day tour to Kizhi in winter season

Travel to Kizhi between October and May, when there are no boats

  • Visit the iconic Kizhi Island
  • Departure from Petrozavodsk
  • Includes transportation
  • Includes tour of Kizhi Museum of Wooden Architecture
6-14 hours
Kizhi Necklace

2-day vacation at Kizhi

  • Travel to Kizhi Island by hydrofoil
  • Overnight in comfortable guesthouse
  • Explore Kizhi major attractions and hidden treasures
  • Taste traditional food
2 Days / 1 Night
Russian Lapland and Karelia: Nature and Culture

Scenic roads of the Kola Peninsula and Karelia

  • Nature: taiga, tundra, Aurora Borealis
  • Culture: Russians, Saami, Karelians and Finns
  • Architecture: XVIII - XXI сenturies
  • History: Tzarist Russia, WWII
8 Days / 7 Nights
Bespoke Russia Tour

Request a private tour, tailor-made for individuals and small groups to meet your needs and preferences.

Various length

Visiting Kizhi Island is possible all the year round - in summer, autumn, winter and spring. We travel from Petrozavodsk by a hydrofoil in summer and by a hovercraft in winter. In autumn and spring, we reach the island from a small village of Oyatevschina.

On a day trip guests see the main part of Kizhi architectural ensemble in the southern part of the island.

For those who want in-depth experience we have a special tour called “Kizhi Necklace” which includes overnight at a guesthouse and two visits of the island of Kizhi.

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