Seids and Labyrinths

Seids and Labyrinths

Seids and labyrinths are ancient sacred places. They are believed to be the traces of ancient civilizations that inhabited Scandinavia and the north of Russia ages ago.

Seids and labyrinths are believed to be the traces of ancient hyperborean civilizations that inhabited Scandinavia and the north of Russia ages ago.
This stone structures were (and probably are) believed to be sacred and mystical sites, where the real world meets the supernatural universe, and energies accumulate to keep in balance communities of people, ancestors and spirits. Many of such sites were erected by human, but there are also some natural phenomena, also subjects of a shamanistic cult.

A seid is a big boulder, which stands on smaller stones, and labyrinth's name speaks for itself - it is a spiral composition of stones on the ground.

Labyrinth on Zayatskiy Island, Solovetsky Archipelago While the area of northern Karelia, the Kola Peninsula, northern Finland, Sweden and Norway was settled mostly by ancient tribes of Saami, the resembling sites can also be found in England, Ireland and Iceland.
In Iceland, for instance, Icelandic Rune Stones are considered by local population as homes of elves.

Labyrinths are supposed to be a dancing-place for fairies in the mythology of England and Ireland. Probably the most known mystic stone structure is Stonehenge in England.

Reconstructed labyrinth on Solovetsky Island Seid magic is described in famous Scandinavian Sagas. Nowadays, Saami people that still inhabit the Kola Peninsula and Scandinavia keep pagan legends and ceremonials, though some of them have changed a traditional reindeer sledge for a modern cross-country vehicle.

In Karelia and nearby, some significant assembles of seids and labyrinths have been found so far:

1. Labyrinths on Zayatsky Island in the Solovetsky Archipelago.
2. Labyrinths in the Kola Bay (called by locals as Babylons).
3. Seids on Kuzova Island in the White Sea, along the sea route from Kem to Solovetsky.
4. Seids in Paanajarvi area - mountains of Kivakka and Nuorunen.
5. Seids on Vottovaara Mountain in Muezersky region.

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Grand Karelia Tour: St. Petersburg - Solovetsky

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