Kivach Waterfalls and Nature Reserve

Kivach Waterfalls and Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve of Kivach is located to the north of Petrozavodsk. The pearl of the Reserve is the Kivach Waterfalls on the Suna River.

“Kivach” reserve is situated at the distance of 65 km to the north from Petrozavodsk and 8 km from the federal highway to Murmansk. The reserve was created in 1931. Its area is 108,8 and it´s not to much in comparison with the majority of reserves of Russia.

48 species of mammals, 197 species of birds, 18 species of fishes and a great number of species of vascular plants are registered in the reserve.

The main sights and tourist routs are the following.

Kivach waterfall.

The waterfall is situated on the Suna river, one of the biggest rivers in Karelia. It is 10.7 meters high and has four stages. Kivach was considerably more powerful before a hydro-electric power station was built in Girvas at 30 km up the river. But even now the waterfall may impress especially during high water period. The rocks of the right shore of the Suna river are equipped with sightseeing platforms and guard-railings.

Arboretum collection of the reserve started to be created in 1948. It presents both typical plants of Karelian taiga and invasive plants. Special interest may be attracted by the famous Karelian birch.

Museum of nature.
The museum was founded in 1959. Not long ago a renewal was carried out. Exposition of the museum includes a diorama consisting of 12 species of stuffed animals and 22 species of stuffed birds, collections of insects, pictures of the reserve.

The reserve has several ecological paths. They pass through the preserved taiga to swamps and streams. During tours the visitors get acquainted with the nature of Karelian taiga forests.

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