Alexander Svirsky Monastery

Alexander Svirsky Monastery

Alexander Svirsky Monastery of the Holy Trinity is situated at the distance of 21 kilometres of the town of Lodeinoe Pole, near the border between Leningrad region and the Republic of Karelia.

The Monastery was founded by the Reverend Aleksander Svirsky in the 16th century in the forests of Olonetsky district, on the territory which was inhabited by the pagan tribes of Karelians and Veps.

In 1508 the Reverend Aleksander had a vision of the Holy Trinity and he was commanded to build a church and a monastery. Soon the Monastery became very famous and a lot of monks and ordinary people started to come there.

Alexander Svirsky Monastery consists of two parts: Troitsky (Holy Trinity) and Preobrazhensky (Transfiguration). The Monastery is located on the shore of a lake in beautiful surroundings. A lot of buildings survived to our days and we can observe the art of the medieval architects. The main church of the Monastery is the Church of Protection of the Virgin which was built by the Reverend himself in 1533. During the reconstruction of the Monastery in 1641 the Church received the relics of the Reverend and many Russian Tzars came to the Monastery to kneel down to the relics.

The monastery was closed after the revolution and in the 1960s it was transformed into the mental institution. Today the monastery is functioning and open for visitors.

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